About Me

Brown Eyes
Shoes: 8.5

So, who am I?
What seems like such a quick, easy question can sometimes be anything but.

The Short Answer:
I am a girl who strives to be unique. One who yearns to understand and appreciate the world. Who feeds off of good company, and better conversation.

The Long Answer:
I suppose who we are always begins with where we started… 

My upbringing had taught me many valuable lessons in life. Having a large family helped shape me into a caring, compassionate, and social person. Growing up on a farm provided me with a love and appreciation for the natural world around me. Having split parents taught me to respect others even if we don’t necessarily like or agree with them. 
Now that I have come to understand, to some extent, the result of having such positive influences in my life, I now have a strong desire to be the positive influence on others; to provide joy in a world that can sometimes seem relentless.

My own joy these days comes from a ridiculous amount of hobbies and interests. Gardening is on top of my hobby list, but I also enjoy spending my time reading and learning new things; hiking and exploring new places; long drives with the windows down and the music up; and whenever possible, trying new things! Life is all about the experience. 

In recent years my love of travelling has taken over. There just isn’t anything quite like experiencing something for the first time. The culture, the food, the history, the people… travelling gives you a glimpse into an entirely different life you could live, and experiences you never knew existed. I believe it expands our knowledge of reality, the world, and our place in it.

And now I feel my rambling has gone too far. So let me drop a subtle hint… The best way to get to know another is by meeting. 
Come for a visit to my world where we can take an escape from reality. Where I’ll put you at ease with witty conversation and a caring touch.
Where you can be authentically You without fear of judgment. 
I can be your confidant, your friend and your lover. Someone to treat you like the amazingly unique person you are. Together we can share new experiences and desires, explore new places, and indulge in all the wondrous activities life has to offer. 

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