"To Learn Etiquette, Is Actually Learning How To See Others, And Respect Them."
-Yixing Zhang


I will respond within 24 hours, with the exception of holidays and travel days.
Please put some thought and care into your introduction to me. Messages that do not include sufficient information will not be answered.
To see more information on how to book an escape with me, please see my Schedule-Booking tab.


After we have had a quick introduction, please leave your donation in an unsealed envelope on the table before going to freshen up. If you are sending it electronically, please send it before you arrive so the deposit can be verified.


This is a major aspect for both of us! When you arrive at my location, please take a quick hop in the shower. Body wash, lotions, mouthwash and fresh towels will be provided for you to freshen up. Also, unkept fingernails will have limited options; dirt and bacteria stay under the nail even when hands are washed, so please keep this in mind. Remember, the cleaner you are the closer we get.

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