Your time is precious, and so is mine. Please be aware that last minute bookings are very difficult to accommodate.
Time needs to be taken to prepare myself to provide and enjoy an unforgettable experience for the both of us.

Please put some thought and care into your introduction to me. Messages that do not include sufficient information will not be answered.

All new clients must be screened. I do understand some may not want to share their personal information, but I am welcoming you into my space and there are certain precautions that I find necessary.
If you have a reference from another provider in the industry that works most efficiently. If this is not something you are able to provide, you may also send along your review board handle, along with your LinkedIn Account or ID. Please allow time to verify you information before a booking is confirmed.

Any and all information you send me will be kept strictly confidential. It will only be used to verify your identity, at which point it will be destroyed.


Life happens! If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment, please provide 12 hours notice. If notice is not given, a deposit will have to be made before any future appointments will be confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.


After we have had a quick introduction, please leave your donation in an unsealed envelope on the table before going to freshen up. If you are sending it electronically, please send it before you arrive so the deposit can be verified.


This is a major aspect for both of us! When you arrive at my location, please take a quick hop in the shower. Body wash, lotions, mouthwash and fresh towels will be provided for you to freshen up. Also, unkept fingernails will have limited options; dirt and bacteria stay under the nail even when hands are washed, so please keep this in mind. Remember, the cleaner you are the closer we get.


My Place

With the beautiful views from the balcony, to the sweet embraces inside, a visit at my upscale condo will surely make you forget about the stresses of life.

One Hour…400
Two Hours…700
Three Hours…1000
Four Hours…1200

Additional Hours 200

Your Place

If you prefer the comfort of your own home, I’m always willing to make my way to you. Please be aware that a minimum booking of two hours is required for me to travel. The costs below are in addition to the hourly rates above.
Within Half Hour…100

Other Dates

Social Dates…200/hr


This girl loves to travel! If you’re interested in travel dates or extended times together, send along a message so we can chat more.

A Little Extra Spoiling…

Every girl loves to be spoiled. xoxo
If you are trying to figure out how to make me feel special, I’ll give you a few hints…

*Tim’s Steeped Tea (1.5M/1.5S)
*White Wine *Spiced Rum

Snacks:(My Guilty Addictions)
*Lindt Chocolate *Ferrero
*Chips.. very specifically Sour Cream & Onion

*Gift Cards (**Apple**Sephora**Indigo, Amazon, UberEats, LuluLemon)

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