Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t like to get spoiled?! 😘

If you are trying to figure out how to make me feel special, I’ll give you a few hints.

You can take a look at the randomness of my Amazon Wishlist, or continue below for some other ideas! Some sensible, some not so sensible.

If You’re Stopping By:
*Tim’s Steeped Tea (1.5M/1.5S) *White Wine *Ferrero *Chocolates *Fruits

Flowers/Houseplants 🪴

Gift Cards (Apple, Sephora, Amazon, Indigo, Lululemon, Uber, Bath and Body Works, Michael Kors, BodyArtForms Website)

*Tattoo Gift Cards* (Contact for Artist Information)

Clothing/Lingerie Sizes: Small/ C34/ Size 3/ Shoes 8.5

Spa/Massage Packages:

A Bit Extravagant:

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