My Place

With the beautiful views from the balcony, to the sweet embraces inside, a visit at my upscale condo will surely make you forget about the stresses of life.

One Hour…300
Two Hours…500
Three Hours…750
Four Hours…1000
Twelve Hours…2300

Your Place

If you prefer the comfort of your own home, I’m always willing to make my way to you. Please be aware that a minimum of two hours is required for me to travel. The costs below are for the distance. Hourly is the same as above.
Within Half Hour…60
For Additional Half Hour Travel Time…50

Other Dates

Social Dates…150/hr
Dinner Date with Cuddles…800/4hr


This girl loves to travel! If you’re interested in travel dates or extended times together, take a look at my travel page for more information.

A little Extra Spoiling

Every girl loves to be spoiled. xoxo
If you are trying to figure out how to make me feel special, I’ll give you a few hints.

*Tim’s Steeped Tea (1.5M/1.5S)
*White Wine
*Spiced Rum

Snacks: (My Guilty Addictions)
*Lindt Chocolate
*Chips.. specifically Sour Cream & Onion

*Gift Cards (Sephora, Amazon, Indigo, Garden Stores, Lulu)
*Shoes ❤ (8.5)

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